...is a one-man design studio based in Vienna/Austria, specialized in the development of professional design solutions for printmedia and the internet.

The "j" in "j-DESIGN" is an abbreviation for my name (Jost), but also serves as a placeholder for terms such as "logo design", "corporate design", "poster design" or "web design ".

The rules of design are independent of the target medium: what works for a logo, works the same way for a website or a poster. Therefore there are no limits for me regarding my clients' wishes.


As an independent media designer since 2003, I can look back on many successful projects and satisfied clients, ranging from sole proprietorships to small and medium enterprises to global corporations.

Designer and Technician

Thanks to my training as a media technician and designer, I distinguish myself from other graphic designers – especially in the field of online marketing. Thanks to that, I am able to implement the web layouts, developed together with my clients, on my own (additional programmers - as with many graphic designers usually the case - are not required). This helps to save costs and to keep communication lines short.

Advancement through knowledge

To always be able to offer my clients the best possible solution, constant learning is a given for me. Especially with regard to internet marketing - as this area is continuously changing - it is absolutely necessary (new technical developments create new opportunities). Those who do not adapt, will miss on something or worse: will be ignored (i.g.: search engine optimization).


Let my design be your shining armor that will help you to capture the hearts of your customers by storm!